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Our company retains a skilled customer support staff. We provide our customers with a wide range of services. One part of our services is included in the price of our products, extra support is charged. The recommended option for pre-paid support is the DAISY Select service.

In case of any queries concerning the scope of technical support, please contact us.

DAISY spol. s r.o. keeps evidence of troubles. We recommend our customers to use this system to report any errors and bugs.

At DAISY eSupport, you can find support in discussion groups and FAQ list.

In some cases, correction and supplementary files are published in the Download section at our web pages.


General contacts


Typ kontaktu Phone e-mail
Sales Information +420 272 772 550 sales@daisy.cz
General Information +420 272 772 550 info@daisy.cz
Office +420 272 772 550 office@daisy.cz


Technical Support


Product Phone e-mail
Emergency (all products) +420 272 772 550 help@daisy.cz
General support (all products) +420 272 772 550 support@daisy.cz
Power Calc Lite +420 272 772 550 pcl@daisy.cz
Bizon Projektant +420 272 772 550 support@daisy.cz
PAS Bizon +420 272 772 550 support@daisy.cz
PAS On-Line +420 272 772 550 support@daisy.cz
Other Vendors Product Support +420 272 765 641 pavlicek@daisy.cz