Contract for Power Network Calculation

For customers who need to perform network calculations only occasionally, they do not have to buy a computer product license or need to handle extremely complex networks.

  • Description

    The service allows you to use our products for the calculation of electricity distribution networks without requiring a license and with the possibility of using the technical expertise of our top experts.

    Because we are very well aware that some designers come into contact with network computing programs only occasionally, and training in the use of the programs does take a while, we also have a custom-computation service. You have a team of our experienced staff. They can save you a lot of time, which you can devote to better elaboration of your project, eg. shortening the delivery date.

    We are able to perform complete calculations, including the preparation of printed attachments, documenting calculations, according to your specifications (in short terms).
  • Prices

    The price calculations can not be prepared in advance in the form of a price list. It depends on the complexity of the network, the set of required results and, in particular, on the quality of the documents submitted by the customer.

    We will be happy to process a specific offer for you.

    Please contact us using the form on this site, by e-mail, by phone.
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