PAS DAISY RT is intended as a support tool for power network operative control personnel. It utilizes a set of higher power control functions used for real time PS management. It is a significant enhancement to the SCADA system basic functions.

This product is an integrated pack of functions configurable to a specific power network. It is designed both for HV and for VHV networks.


  • Description

    The main features of the RT family systems is speed, ease of use and stability. System administration is carried out centrally by authorized personnel. The On-line system traces the current state of the controlled network and makes it possible to test user interference such as switching a line to a different node, etc. The visualizing is very similar to that of SCADA. The results are presented in a clear and simple way so that the dispatcher does not waste time interpreting the result set. It needs to be clear whether the network is in a normal or unstable state and what influence a proposed change will have or what will be the network development if left as it is (operative prediction).

    An important PAS DAISY RT feature is the simulation mode. It enables a user to verify intended manipulations on a user simulation database. This database may be filled with data, either from the “real” system based on the state of the network at the time of switching to the simulation mode, or with values which describe the system in the close or distant future. The user is able to step through (“animate”) the network development by user-set step length or by variable changes (“time machine”).

    Because our PAS RT system is a part of an integrated SCADA/PAS modular system, specific SCADA functions may be implemented into PAS RT that would not be supported by a cooperating SCADA by another supplier or functions that are performed imperfectly (a daily report, signal changes archiving, topology, B-command evidence, etc.).

    PAS DAISY RT may cooperate with virtually any SCADA system. Communication has been tested with LS 3200 product of Telegyr Systems, Mikrodispečink system, repas, TEK concentrator by Techsys.

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