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PAS DAISY Bison Designer is a traditional product by DAISY. It represents a software system in-tended for the design, development planning and long-term preparation for the operation of power grids of all types and all voltage levels.
It supports all sorts of calculations and settings of protective devices. If the respective workplace has access to the DAISY PAS Real-time product or any similar third party software, Bison is capable of full cooperation with it.

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    The design of Bison accentuates easy modification of power grid model data, equipment and topology, and the possibility to calculate in any network state (even if such state is not possible in real operation). Calculations are immediately available after the user has created even a small part of the entire network. The visualization is as simple as possible; for example, the user is not forced to operate individual components (switch, disconnecter), but rather the resulting states directly (switched to busbar “W2” etc.). All the changes are performed interactively, and everything done by the user is immediately visible in the network scheme.
    The product can satisfy even the most demanding user requirements regarding calculation. Many computational models may require special settings and algorithms parameters, which are fully accessible to the user.
    Standard basic functionality of the software can be expanded with many additional features, both standard and customer-specific (developed or modified according to specific customer needs) – fuse design wizard, network statistics or voltage, and losses optimization modules, among others.

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