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PAS DAISY Bison Designer

PAS DAISY Bizon Projektant (Bison Designer) is a traditional product by DAISY. It represents a software system intended for the design, de­velop­ment planning and long-term pre­paration for the opera-tion of power grids of all types and all voltage levels. It supports all sorts of cal­cula­tions and settings of protective devices. If the respective workplace has access to the DAISY PAS Real-time product or any similar third party software, Bison is capable of full cooperation with it.

The design of Bison accentuates easy modification of power grid model data, equipment and topology, and the possibility to calculate in any network state (even if such state is not possible in real operation). Calculations are immediately available after the user has created even a small part of the entire network. The visualization is as simple as possible; for example, the user is not forced to operate individual components (switch, disconnector), but rather the resulting states directly (switched to busbar “W2” etc.). All the changes are performed interactively, and everything done by the user is immediately visible in the network scheme.


The product can satisfy even the most demanding user requirements regarding calculation. Many computational models may require special settings and algorithms parame­ters, which are fully accessible to the user.

Standard basic functionality of the software can be expanded with many additional features, both standard and customer-specific (developed or modified according to specific customer needs) – fuse design wizard, network statistics or voltage, and losses optimiza­tion modules, among others.

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On the other hand, the PAS DAISY Bison system design aims for easy calculation data modification and simple calculation methods. A user draws a part of the network and may start calculating directly. Changes are carried out in an interactive mode. This product’s user is not under time constraints but has high demands on the margin states’ calculation quality. These states’ calculation may require calculation parameters settings that are user-modifiable.

Visualization is the simplest possible, works with result states (switched to “B”) instead of working with isolated elements (switch, disconnector)

PAS-DAISY Off-Line is a program system for power network calculations. It has been designed for development planning, design and long-term operational preparation of high and very high voltage distribution networks. It supports security-setting calculations. If there is not a PAS On-Line (e.g. PAS-DAISY On-Line) system available, it is also usable for a short-term operation preparation. It is an integrated set of functions configurable according to the customer’s wishes.

PAS DAISY Bison may import pictures and databases from the On-Line system.

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pcl_okno programu


The PAS DAISY PCL (Power Calc Lite) product is a member of the PAS DAISY Off-Line (Power Application Software – Off-Line) product family, which groups sets of programs to be used for PN operational preparation, structure changes confirmation and PN operations evaluation.

PCL is intended for use by low-voltage network designers. Its main difference from other PAS DAISY products is a modified functions set and a simplified user interface. These features have caused the word “Lite” to be used in its title. The focus is put on speed and ease of use.

Calculation methods used in PCL are equal to the standard methods used in other PAS DAISY products – therefore there is no mathematical methods simplification that could lead to unreliable results (especially when computing marginal network states which need reconfirming).

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PAS DAISY RT is intended as a support tool for power network operative control personnel. It utilizes a set of higher ASDŘ functions used for real time PS management. It is a significant enhancement to the SCADA system basic functions. This product is an integrated pack of functions configurable to a specific power network. It is designed both for HV and for VHV networks.

The main features of the On-Line family systems is speed, ease of use and stability. System administration is carried out centrally by authorized personnel. The On-line system traces the current state of the controlled network and makes it possible to test user interference such as switching a line to a different node, etc. The visualizing is very similar to that of SCADA. The results are presented in a clear and simple way so that the dispatcher does not waste time interpreting the result set. It needs to be clear whether the network is in a normal or unstable state and what influence a proposed change will have or what will be the network development if left as it is (operative prediction).

An important PAS DAISY RT feature is the simulation mode. It enables a user to verify intended manipulations on a user simulation database. This database may be filled with data, either from the “real” system based on the state of the network at the time of switching to the simulation mode, or with values which describe the system in the close or distant future. The user is able to step through (“animate”) the network development by user-set step length or by variable changes (“time machine”).

Because our PAS DAISY RT system is a part of an integrated SCADA/PAS modular system, specific SCADA functions may be implemented into PAS RT that would not be supported by a cooperating SCADA by another supplier or functions that are performed imperfectly (a daily report, signal changes archiving, topology, B-command evidence, etc.).

PAS DAISY RT may cooperate with virtually any SCADA system. Communication has been tested with LS 3200 product of Telegyr Systems, Mikrodispečink system, repas, TEK concentrator by Techsys.

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