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Obrázek HW klíče USB HaspDrvForOldBizonPCL-hdd32.exe Drivers for hardware keys that works with Bizon and PCL in 32-bit virtualized environment on Windows 7 64bit.

This update is required for temporary commissioning earlier supplied product under Windows 7-64b. Applies to all products supplied with the hardware key (Power Calc Lite, PAS Off-Line, Bizon Designer).

This solution is temporary and may not work at any time in the future. For guaranteed performance under 64-bit Windows, please upgrade to a newer version of the system. Information can be obtained at support@daisy.cz.

Copy the file to any folder and run it.

virtualized Win32 (Win 7 64-bit)
latest version, operational in 32 environments virtualized on Windows 7 64bit
Products Information A breef description of our main products. Short explanation of our products major features. Links to download some information materials in PDF format. PDF viewer (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader) 08/29/2006
PCL_Demo_setup.exe Power Calc Lite DEMO for trying product before the purchase. For access to DEMO download you need free registration. Please contact us here. Win32  06/23/2004
HASP4_driver_setup.zip HW dongle driver update. Windowed installer. Win32 (Win9x, Win NT, Win 2K, WinXP) june 2003
HASP4_driver_cmdline.zip HW dongle driver update. Command line installer. Win32 (Win9x, Win NT, Win 2K, WinXP) june 2003
Time format conversion utility General
Simple utility for date/time format coversion from/to many of time formats used on PC platform.
Win32 (Windows9x, Win NT, Win 2K, WinXP) 04/14/2002