DAISY - About Us

DAISY company description
Official name: DAISY spol. s r.o.
Name de-coded: Dispatch Automated Information Systems
Type of company: Limited Company
Established: 11 October 1991
Areas of Business: The company’s focus is centred on the applica­tion of modern calcula­tion methods and auto­mated dispatch systems in energetics.

The following business areas are registered:

  • Software provision
  • Provision of auto­mated sys­tems con­sulta­tions
  • Sale and re-sale
  • Research and develop­ment in natu­ral and techni­cal sciences, or social sciences
Specifications according to Act No. 90/2012 Coll.: Mandatory data according to Czech §7 Act No.90/2012 Coll. (Commercial Code) are displayed on a special web page (in Czech Language).

People at DAISY

The founders of DAISY Company are former employees of ČED (Czech National Energy Dispatch Center), SČE (Northern Bohemia power company), and ČVUT. A majority of the co-workers have had experience in energetics. By the time when the company was established, all key employees had gained experience in implementing systems for dispatcher control and energetics calculation methods (RPP-16 and EKOS systems, LFJ and ZKR family calculation systems).

We have applied and broadened our experience when creating and administering specific implementations of our systems in the environment of Czech and Slovak energetics. Our first larger implementation was at JČE (South Bohemia power company) in 1993. For a brief list of references, see here.