Brief professional profile of the DAISY Company

The company has been working in the IT field since 1991. Our experience and services concern mainly higher power network control and information mana­ge­ment in real time, such as:

  • Computing programs for electricity network mode analysis and for design support of these networks at all voltage levels.
  • SCADA (ASDŘ and ASŘTP) for dispatch control and technological processes.
  • PAS – EMS (Power Application Software – Energy Management Systems) for real time and operational analysis or for development planning construction and re-construction.

Our main fields of work:

  • Developing and supplying software and complex program systems.
  • Engineering and programming services including SW and HW supplying in package forms.
  • Technical or economics consultations, negotiating cooperation of specialists on neighbouring fields, expertise.
  • Czech or foreign systems implementation and integration.

We provide:

  • Development and supply of specific application functions.
  • Connecting SCADA and PAS.
  • Adapting standard products to fit a specific application.
  • Connecting various systems.
  • EMS (SCADA, PAS) parameterization.
  • Supplying non-standard (possibly also standard) HW.