Papers to download

Here are some products information for download.

  Link Content Format Date of act.
Paper with pencil General overwiew A breef list with short description of our main products. PDF 08/29/2006
High Voltage Line PAS DAISY Off-Line A system for calculating electric network modes. It has been designed for all voltage level networks development planning, design and preparing. PDF 08/29/2006
Bizon Logo Bizon Projektant A specialized system for all voltage level networks development planning. It has been designed for use in development planning specialized vendor firm. PDF 04/06/2005
Low Voltage line Power Calc Lite Power Calc Lite is designed for LV network designers. Priority was placed on ease of use and the simplicity of administering the product while minimizing technical requirements. PDF 04/06/2005
Dispatch Center Stuff PAS DAISY On-Line The PAS On-Line products are designed for electric network operative management personnel. It is a ADS set working in a real-time mode. PDF 01/18/2005

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