Power Calc Lite

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DAISY Power Calc Lite (PCL) product is a part of the PAS DAISY Off-Line (Power Application Software - Off-Line) family, which groups sets of programs used for power network operations preparation, PN structure changes planning, PN operation evaluating, etc.

Power Calc Lite is designed mainly for LV network designers. Its main difference from other products of the family is a modified function set and a simplified user interface. Therefore the "Lite" word in its title. The product is designed to be fast and easy to use.

Calculations used in PCL are equal to standard methods of calculation used in other PAS DAISY products - there are no mathematical method simplifications that might lead to misleading results (such as when calculating marginal states on the edge of the network technical possibilities, which sometimes need to be checked).

This product's user interface is based on data table views. Input data is entered in table windows similarly to spreadsheet software. Clicking toolbar buttons, illustrated with icons - Windows standard, may access various program functions. All functions may also be accessed via a set of menus. Hot keys are assigned to the majority of important functions.

Various tools simplify data entering - automatic input elements numbering, data blocks copying, using type tables, etc.

The program outputs its data in a result table, which may be edited and/or printed.